Antecedentes Generales

The Department of Physical Science was founded along with La Universidad de La Frontera in 1981. Inheritor of Traditions of Academics and Docents stemming of Chilean universities and Technique of the state, the Department was growing and going through, since a Department dedicated to undergraduate teaching, diffusion and spreading, until a Department of Physical Science that , at the moment, it have two masters postgraduate, it have two masters postgraduate programs that are accredited, with interesting levels of scientific productivity, national networking and international. Nowadays we can affirmative, without fear of error, that The Department of Physical Science it is a reference of the physics, about cultivate this science, as Temuco as well as south of Chile.

In Its thirty eight years of history, the Department of Physical Science have had notable changes. Altogether to the academic renovation natural, the department has encouraged the perfection and specialization of its members by means of support the formation for master and doctorate degree. It is notable among the formation and joining together of investigation groups productive as well as the creation and merging of postgraduate programs. Also, with funds awarded as part a project to the Improvement of the Higher Education Quality (MECESUP), it was built a building two-stories that nowadays is home to the Department of Physical Science since 2006. However, the building was extended in 2011 setting up new offices to academics and research laboratories on the third floor.

Since the teaching, physically speaking, the Department of Physical Science is home to an undergraduate career called Physical Civil Engineering, which have a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Physics. Also, offers two postgraduate programs accredited for The National Commission of Accreditation and Postgraduate (CNAP): the Master in Sciences, mention in Physics (accredited by four years until October 2020) and the Master of Medical Physics (accredited by five years until October 2022).

In addition, the university impart, through of the Department of physical science, different courses to Pedagogy in Sciences, mention in Physics as well as subjects basic to the formation for all the degrees of the Faculty of Engineering and Sciences and for different degrees of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Agricultural and Forestry Sciences.

About scientific investigation, the study of condensed matter physics and statistical physics were the two first lines developed with a great importance, emphasizing the collaboration with universities and institutes on the country and international. As well, the annual organization South Workshop of Physics of the Solid was a landmark that consolidated the investigation group and to The Department of Physical Science within national physics. Over the years were growing different lines of research where it were consolidating three new lines in addition to the first one named previously: Photonics and Remote sensing; Cosmology, Gravitation, Quantum Theory of fields; Medical Physics.

These four lines was being able to accomplish great levels scientific productivity (25 publications WoS/IS on average per year) with a vision national and international distinguished. Evidence of the last, it is a high attendance and participation in scientific meetings organized by the Department of Physical Science, for instance " The Chilean Society Symposium of Physical (2010), IX Iberoamerican Meeting on Optics and XII Iberoamerican Meeting on Optics, Lasers and Applications (RIAO/OPTILAS 2016), "The Latin American Conference of Analysis by X-ray Techniques (2018)", y "The Intensive Seminar about Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics (annual)".

It is important to stand out trajectory of the Department of Physical Science in the diffusion of discipline and activities of the entailment with environment in the last time. The Annual Organization of Regional Physics Olympics is an activity links the Department of Physical Science with the region and country effectively. At regional level is developed activities in schools and high schools and at national level (through give a lectures on the activities, different topics of physic experimental, how to apply to the test, outside by the academics of the Department), who won the activities organized at the region by the Department, will go a competition at national level.

Moreover, the Department of Physical Science manage the agreement that the University have with the National Geology and Mining Service (Sernageomin) and it have linked effectively with the National Forestry Commission (CONAF), German clinic, the Regional Hospital and other public organisms at the region.