Photonic and Teledetection

General Description

The line of Photonic and Teledetection is oriented to adapt optic vanguard knowledge by means of design, development and technical application of diffractive optic and polarization, as well as quantum optic. Central objectives are to develop advance applications oriented to characterization of agro-industrial products of economical interest for the region, and to provide instrumentation for agriculture and fruit-growing production industry. Regarding Teledetection, the study area is related with monitoring of natural resources and environmental changes from data provided by field and laboratory radiometry (by means of Spectro-radiometry) and digital image processing.

Investigation areas

  • Fundamental and applied research in optic polarization and diffraction.
  • Instrumentation development based on high precision laser spectroscopy for the agricultural industry.
  • Characterization based mainly on optoelectronic techniques of agricultural products and seeds.
  • Algorithms development to analyze satellital biophysics variables.
  • Satellital tracing of natural resources.
  • Satellital monitoring of phenomena cataloged as natural disasters.

Mg. Patricio Acevedo
Dr. Robert Guzmán
Dr. Juan Carlos Parra
Dra. Antonieta Silva
Dr. Fabián Torres
Dr. Asticio Vargas
Dr. Miguel Ángel Solís