Cosmology, Gravitation and Quantum Theory of Fields

General Description

The line of the Cosmology, Gravitation and Quantum Theory of Fields investigate in physic theory focusing in three big mainly areas.

The investigation in Cosmology formulates models of theorical origin, mainly studying the nature and the possible origin of late acceleration of the Universe, cosmic coincidence and cosmological interaction (dark energy-dark matter). The Gravitation is oriented in General Relativity using Physic-Mathematic applied, study the physic properties of black holes and possible generalizations to theories of Einstein. Recently, it has been included the area of Quantum Theory of Fields where it is investigated fermionic models and there are interdisciplinary work between others investigation groups.

Investigation areas

  • Understand the interaction dark matter-dark energy and holographic schemes, and study the effect in late acceleration of the Universe by observational contrast.
  • Investigate about holographic dark energy and variable Chaplygin gas as well as unified model in framework of “branework” cosmology.
  • Study alternate theories of gravitation in different dimensions, such as Chern-Simons in formalism of Einstein-Cartan and Teleparallel Gravity.
  • Study kinematic and thermodynamic properties of black holes in 1-D dimensions in the General Relativity Context.
  • Study renormalization in fermionic theories with break in the Lorentz invariance.

Dr. Leonardo Balart
Dr. Francisco Peña