Cosmology, Gravitation and Quantum Field Theory

General Description

Cosmology formulates theoretical focused on the nature and on the origin of the acceleration of the Universe, the cosmic coincidence and the cosmological interaction (dark energy, dark matter).

Gravitation is oriented towards General Relativity applying Mathematical-Physic, research on the physical properties of black holes and possible generalizations of Einstein's Theory.

Quantum Field Theory is advocated at fermionic models and at interdisciplinary work with other research groups

Research topics

  • Dark matter- dark energy interaction, holographic schemes, acceleration of the Universe by observational contrast.
  • Holographic dark energy and variable Chaplygin gas as well as unified models in the framework of “branework” cosmology.
  • Alternate theories of gravitation in different dimensions, such as Chern-Simons in the formalism of Einstein-Cartan and Teleparallel Gravity.
  • Kinetic and thermodynamic properties of black holes in D + 1 dimensions.
  • Renormalization in fermionic theories with Lorentz invariance breaking

Dr. Leonardo Balart
Dr. Francisco Peña