Medical Physics

General Description

The Master of Medical Physics of La Universidad de La Frontera is a program Academic-Professional, pioneer in Chile, destined to the medical physicists formation, researchers and clinical.

The students join to the program are graduate or professional from different country region or foreign with a formation includes preferentially the Physics, related engineerings and also, some heath area professionals with clinic experience in radiotherapy area and associated with the activity of a physicist in a health center.

Investigation Areas

  • EDXRF Images through X-Ray
  • Statistical Processing of Biophysical Parameter
  • Atomic Analysis of Materials by Fluorescence go X-Ray
  • Radiotherapy
  • Imaging with Radiotherapy
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Radiation Protection
  • Quality Control with X-Ray in Nuclear Medicine
  • Inner Dosimetry
  • Fricke Gel Dosimetry
  • Dental Applications
Dr. Rodolfo Figueroa
Dr. Mauricio Santibañez
Dr. Francisco Malano
Dr. Pablo Pérez