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Physical Civil Engineering

Degree: Physical Civil Engineer
Academic Grade: Graduate in Engineering Sciences (eighth semester)
Graduate in Applied Physics (ninth semester, optional)
Code: 30093
Duration: 12 semesters
Study arrangements: Semi-annual
Director: Dra. Antonieta del Carmen Silva Riquelme
Fono:(45) 2325300 / 2322430

Program Information

A Civil Physics Engineer, trained at the Universidad de La Frontera, is a professional with the skills to work in management, projects and the application areas of physics.
He is trained in basic sciences and engineering, especially in modelling, material science, instrumentation, applied electronics, programming, computer simulation, and advanced techniques and methods of characterization and control. This allows him to propose technological solutions to complex problems; model physical processes in problems related to production, energy, health, environment and materials; adapt modern measurement and characterization techniques and instruments; apply models, methods and techniques of physics to the characterization of environmental phenomena; and to formulate development projects with the aim of introducing added value to the country's production. He also has the capacity to communicate in a globalized world and to put together and lead work teams.

Occupational field

The basic and applied training qualifies the graduate to work in productive, industrial, manufacturing and service companies of the public or private sector, to practice his profession independently as a consultant or advisor in the scope of his discipline, to undertake business initiatives, or to continue studies, in order to contribute to the country´s economic and social development.

Program Study

*Access to this Program only via Civil Engineering Common Plan

Universidad de La Frontera
Casilla 54-D
  Avenida Francisco Salazar 01145
Temuco - Chile