Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics

General Description

In the broad range of topics that Condensed Matter provides, our research group is mainly focused on magnetism (bulk and nanoparticles). Usually, the approximation starts from magnetostatics and it goes until aspects involving dynamical magnetism.

Regarding the Statistical Physics, we go into details about phase transitions applying simulations in Edwards-Anderson systems. These topics could be connected with the magnetic aspects described in the preceding paragraph.

Information theory techniques have been recently incorporated, which has allowed interdisciplinary research: econophysics and Medical Physics are important examples of this.

Investigation Areas
  • Mean Field Theory: applications to cold atoms dynamics.
  • Information theory in critical processes: magnetic phases, econophysics, biophysics.
  • Discrete percolation of sites, bonds and mixed: from monomers to k-mers.
  • Ising Hamiltonian and Edwards-Anderson model: from ferromagnetism to spin glasses.
  • Density functional theory: electronic structure calculations.
  • Dynamics of magnetic systems. Properties of systems with magnetic nanoparticles and their possible applications

Dr. Eduardo Cisternas
Dr. Pablo Díaz
Dr. Eugenio Vogel
Dr. Nicolás Vidal