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Publicaciones WoS

1 Dietrich, F; Cisternas, E; Pasinetti, PM; Dos Santos,GStudy on Li ion diffusion in LixV2O5 using first principle calculations and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations WOS:00073 0943400001Q2 2022
2 Hevia, SA; Orive, J; Guzman, F; Cisternas, E; Dietrich, F; Villarroel, R; Lisoni, JHigh performance of V2O5 thin film electrodes for lithium-ion intercalation WOS:00072 7243100002Q1 2022
3 Solis-Prosser, MA; Jimenez, O; Delgado, A; Neves, LEnhanced discrimination of highdimensional quantum states by concatenated optimal measurement strategiesWOS:00073 1350100001Q1 2022
4 Mariotti, V; Gayol, A; Pianoschi, T; Mattea, F; Vedelago, J; Perez, P; Valente, M; Alva-Sanchez, M Radiotherapy dosimetry parameters intercomparison among eight gel dosimeters by Monte Carlo simulationWOS:00070 3606700004Q1 2022
5 Cardona, C; Gil-Cruz, F; Franco-Marin, L; San Martin, J; Valderrama, O; Lazo, J; Cartes, C; Morales, S; Hernandez, E; Quijada, J; Pinto, C; Vidal, M; Bravo, C; Pedreros, G; Contreras, M; Figueroa, M; Cordova, L; Mardones, C; Alarcon, A; Velasquez, G; Bucarey, C Volcanic activity accompanying the emplacement of dacitic lava domes and effusion of lava flows at Nevados de Chillan Volcanic Complex - Chilean Andes (2012 to 2020)WOS:00072 3163000001Q2 2021
6 Valente, M; Chacon, D; Mattea, F; Meilij, R; Perez, P; Romero, M; Scarinci, I; Vedelago, J; Vitullo, F; Wolfel, ALinear energy transfer characterization of five gel dosimeter formulations for electron and proton therapeutic beams WOS:00071 3393400003Q2 2021
7 Saavedra, E; Vidal-Silva, N; Escrig, J Dynamic susceptibility of permalloy wiretube nanostructures WOS:00071 4892400015 Q1 2021
8 Perez, P; Torres, PR; Bruna, A; Brunetto, M; Aon, E; Franco, D; Mattea, F; Figueroa, R; Santibanez, M; Valente, MFricke gel xylenol orange dosimeter layers for stereotactic radiosurgery: A preliminary approach WOS:00070 6188400002Q2 2021
9 Aguilera-Granja, F; Aguilera-del-Toro, RH; Vogel, EE; Cisternas, E Bimetalic (AuPt)(4) nano-clusters adsorbed on TiO2 nano-wires: A densityfunctional-theoretic study WOS:00070 4357900007Q2 2021
10 Pasinetti, PM; Ramirez- Pastor, AJ; Vogel, EE; Saravia, G Entropy-driven phases at high coverage adsorption of straight rigid rods on twodimensional square lattices WOS:00072 4658900018Q1 2021
11 Saavedra, E; Tejo, F; Vidal- Silva, N; Escrig, J Magnonic key based on skyrmion clusters WOS:00072 2925300012Q1 2021
12 Saez, G; Diaz, P; Cisternas, E; Vogel, EE; Escrig, JInformation storage in permalloy modulated magnetic nanowires WOS:00070 9931300069 Q1 2021
13 Cabanas, AM; Rivas, R; Perez, LM; Velez, JA; Diaz, P; Clerc, MG; Pleiner, H; Laroze, D; Malomed, BA A quasi-periodic route to chaos in a parametrically driven nonlinear medium WOS:00069 3409900001Q1 2021
14 Dietrich, F; Fernandez, J; Hevia, S; Cisternas, E; Flores, M Determination of the Conformational Preference of para-Aminobenzoic Acid on Vanadium Pentoxide Surface: An XPS and DFT Study WOS:00070 2017100030Q2 2021
15 Santibanez, M; Fuentealba, MExperimental determination of Gd dose enhancement and Gd dose sparing by Ir- 192 brachytherapy source with Gafchromic EBT3 dosimeterWOS:00066 2833000017Q2 2021
16 Santibanez, M; Fuentealba, M; Vedelago, J; Chacon, D; Mattea, F; Valente, M Experimental characterization and Monte Carlo simulations of the dose enhancement on the millimeter scale of PAGAT infused with gadolinium WOS:00066 2832500001Q1 2021
17 Tosi, AA; Zucolotto, ME; Wolff, W; Mendes, JC; Suarez, S; Perez, PD; Andrade, DPP The classification of Parauapebas Meteorite: Petrological, mineralogical and elemental compositions and physical properties WOS:00065 9163700003Q3 2021
18 Negrete, OA; Vargas, P; Pena, FJ; Saravia, G; Vogel, EEShort-Range Berezinskii-Kosterlitz- Thouless Phase Characterization for the q-State Clock Model WOS:00068 9210900001Q2 2021
19 Gonzalez-Flores, MI; Torres, AA; Lebrecht, W; Ramirez- Pastor, AJSite-bond percolation in two-dimensional kagome lattices: Analytical approach and numerical simulations WOS:00067 9999800003Q1 2021
20 Ramirez, LS; Pasinetti, PM; Lebrecht, W; Ramirez- Pastor, AJ Standard and inverse site percolation of straight rigid rods on triangular lattices: Isotropic and perfectly oriented deposition and removalWOS:00067 5448800002Q1 2021
21 Vasquez, F; Cravero, A; Castro, M; Acevedo, P Decision Support System Development of Wildland Fire: A Systematic Mapping WOS:00067 6561000001 Q1 2021
22 Vedelago, J; Mattea, F; Trivino, S; Montesinos, MD; Keil, W; Valente, M; Romero, MSmart material based on boron crosslinked polymers with potential applications in cancer radiation therapy WOS:00066 3785600019Q1 2021
23 Balart, L; Fernando, S Thermodynamics and heat engines of black holes with Born-Infeld-type electrodynamics WOS:00065 2255400002 Q2 2021
24 Fernandez, L; Alves, VS; Gomes, M; Nascimento, LO; Pena, FInfluence of the four-fermion interactions in a (2+1)D massive electron system WOS:00065 5903100010Q1 2021
25 Cabanas, AM; Velez, JA; Perez, LM; Diaz, P; Clerc, MG; Laroze, D; Malomed, BA Dissipative structures in a parametrically driven dissipative lattice: Chimera, localized disorder, continuous-wave, and staggered statesWOS:00064 7561600013Q1 2021
26 Lebrecht, W; Centres, PM; Ramirez-Pastor, AJ Empirical formula for site and bond percolation thresholds on Archimedean and 2-uniform latticesWOS:00063 2551300029Q2 2021
27 Vedelago, J; Chacon, D; Romero, M; Venencia, D; Mattea, F; Valente, M Dose-response of Fricke- and PAGATdosimetry gels in kilovoltage and megavoltage photon beams: Impact of LET on sensitivity WOS:00066 0008100006Q3 2021
28 Wall, T; Leist, M; Dietrich, F; Thiel, WR; Gerhards, M Quantification of Cooperativity between Metal Sites in Dinuclear Transition Metal Complexes Containing the (2-Dimethylamino)-4-(2- pyrimidinyl)pyrimidine LigandWOS:00064 1037400010Q3 2021
29 Figueroa, R; Geser, F; Lopez-Correa, J; Malano, F; Valente, MMonte Carlo study of a convergent X-ray beam for high resolution X-ray fluorescence imaging WOS:00063 7950400032Q2 2021
30 Brevis, F; Diaz, P; Laroze, D; Perez, LM; Vogel, EETopological information in artificial spin ice with random vacancies WOS:00063 1992300012Q2 2021
31 Wolfel, A; Chacon, D; Romero, MR; Valente, M; Mattea, FSynthesis of a metal chelating monomer for radiation polymer dosimetry WOS:00060 7131200004Q1 2021
32 Aguilera-Granja, F; Aguilera-del-Toro, RH; Vogel, EE; Cisternas, ETiO2 nano-clusters adsorbed on surfaces:A density-functional-theoretic study WOS:00060 5608400013Q2 2021
33 Avila, AI; Gonzalez-Flores, MI; Lebrecht, W An analytic approach to maximize entropy for computing equilibrium densities of k-mers on linear chains WOS:00060 8627600001Q2 2021
34 Geser, FA; Valente, M Analytical proposal for the assessment of the molecular excitation levels contribution to the mean excitation energy: Application to the water moleculeWOS:00060 5532900054Q2 2021
35 Guarda, J; Valente, M; Figueroa, R Development and characterisation of a confocal detection array for K-lines of heavy metals in big light matrixWOS:00059 9506100014Q1 2021
36 Fernandez, L; Correa, RO; Alves, V; Nascimento, LO; Pena, FDynamical mass generation in pseudoquantum electrodynamics with Gross-Neveu interaction at finite temperatureWOS:00060 9014700011Q1 2021
37 Jimenez, O; Solis-Prosser, MA; Neves, L; Delgado, A Mutual Information and Quantum Discord in Quantum State Discrimination with a Fixed Rate of Inconclusive OutcomesWOS:00061 0134900001Q2 2021
38 Figueroa, R; Guarda, J; Leiva, J; Malano, F; Valente, MDosimetry of tumor targeting imaging by convergent X-ray beam as compared with nuclear medicine WOS:00059 6040000022Q2 2021
39 Seniwal, B; Mendes, BM; Malano, F; Perez, P; Valente, M; Fonseca, TCFMonte Carlo assessment of low energy electron range in liquid water and dosimetry effects WOS:00060 2623700004Q3 2020
40 de Oliveira, MCA; Menezes, LD; Pincheira, PIR; Rojas- Ulloa, C; Gomez, NR; de Oliveira, HP; Gomes, ASL A random laser based on electrospun polymeric composite nanofibers with dual-size distribution WOS:00047 9170600031Q2 2019

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